Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Open Invitation to Demons - Oral Sex

In my initial walk with the LORD, the Holy Spirit taught me spiritual warfare and deliverance. Later He sent me to a Christian campground where He informed me that He would send a young lady to me. He did not tell me then what He wanted me to do with the young lady. So I just placed all my attention on worshiping the LORD.

One day my husband came to me and said that he wanted me to talk to this young lady regarding worship. I was so excited because I love to share with others what the Holy Spirit had taught me about worshiping until the Glory of God come forth. The next day the young lady showed up. When I saw her, the Holy Spirit spoke and said that He did not want me to talk with her about worship. He wanted me to cast a demon out of her. I immediately looked around and said, "By myself?" You see, I have never done this before. The Holy Spirit said, "Yes." So I said, "Okay, LORD. I will, but I do not want to see the demon manifest." The LORD then said, "My child, you do not need to."

I spoke to the young lady about what the Holy Spirit had shared with me regarding her deliverance. She confessed and admitted that it was true. I then proceeded at the instruction of the Holy Spirit to take her behind the building. I then laid my hand on her belly and immediately these words came out of my mouth, "In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, I command you to come out of her!" She coughed and the demon left her. The Holy Spirit then told me to tell her what she needed to do in order to stay free.

Later that day in the evening worship service as I was worshiping, I saw her coming toward me. Her teeth were rapidly biting down as though something was trying to get back in. As I was twirling around in worship, I lifted my hand toward her and she immediately fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. The LORD then told me to go and tell her these words. I told her that the demon had left, but he was trying to fool her in believing that he had not gone so that he could return. The LORD then revealed to me that in order for her to stay completely free that she needed to talk with her husband about their sexual acts when she goes back home. She needed to let him know that she could no longer live in disobedience toward God in performing oral sex at his request. When I mentioned this to her, all she could do was say that is true. She knew the LORD had revealed this to me because I did not know her and if I did, I certainly would not have known what her and her husband was doing in the privacy of their bedroom. She lived in Canada while I lived in the USA. That demon entered her through the sexual act of oral sex with her husband.

She gave me her telephone number and we communicated for several years. But due to moving here and there, I lost contact with her. I often think about her and desire to communicate with her again.

The Point: When the Holy Spirit teach us, He will certainly demonstrate what He has taught. Also, just because you're married, it does not mean the door have been closed to sexual demons. We were given a mouth so that we can talk, to eat food and to drink water. Using our mouth to perform sexual acts is an open invitation to demons.
Selah †


  1. I heard a deliverance minister from new zealand named bill subritzky say something like God had showed him that the spirit of Oral Sex looked like a penis next to the mouth of a woman who had performed the act on her husband and just like the woman you spoke of above she was troubled by the spirit and when time for deliverance came it was like buckets of foam came out of the woman's mouth as she was being set free from the demon. He has books one of which I bought and I have been to his website too which I found very useful.

    So as far as I know according to these two testimonies, sexual acts that deviate away from what is normal or natural do indeed carry an oppressing demonic force or power.

    Plus the 'Flora' as medics call it in one part of the body is not suppose to meet 'Flora' in another part of the body indicating according to all these experiences and this medical information that Oral Sex is morally, medically and spiritually dangerous.
    infections from mouth can be passed to genitals and genital infections can be passed to the mouth quite easily as STI clinics can tell you.

  2. What if a husband inserts his fingers into the wifes vagina during foreplay is that also demonic?

    1. Yes, this is also demonic. For it causes the wife to masturbate and masturbation is not of or from God. Shalom.

  3. No wonder atheists and agnostics have the best sex in life because they have no sexual inhibitions. However, as Christians, part of our calling is to sacrifice our selfish desires so we can live holy and pure lives. Unfortunately, many christians are tempted and trapped into Satan's deceptions.