Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Makes a Group a “Cult”

There are many religious and nonreligious “cults” in this world.  A group is considered to be a “cult” when it teaches unless others is a part of their specific group then they are not in the true Church, the Body of Christ.  Selah †

I was in a "cult" for over 15 years and did not know it.  BUT when the LORD God opened my heart and soul to His truth, I saw the LIGHT, CHRIST JESUS.  During those years inside that group, they taught us, and it was done in a subtle way, that unless others are not with us, then they are not in the true church.  In my heart I could not FULLY accept that because my parents who loved me greatly were not a part of this group.  And I knew that the LORD God was and had worked through my mother and answered her prayers concerning me.  So in a sense I had a little rebellion inside of me regarding this teaching.  And I’m so glad that I did.  Due to that, it left a small opening for the LORD to come through.  IF you are in a religious or nonreligious group that teaches unless others are a part of their group, then you are considered to be in a “cult”.  GET OUT IN JESUS’ NAME!!