Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Go and Sin No More

EC is a preacher’s kid.  Since the age of six, people would often say to him that he is called to ministry LIKE his father.  This led him to confusion.  Fear grabbed hold of him.  At the age of 10, his family moved into a new house.  EC’s parents instructed him to carry out the trash.  When he arrived at the trash bin, he saw that the previous tenants had forgotten to empty their trash before they left the premises.  EC did not know that was the subtle plan of Satan that the previous tenants did not empty their trash bin.  He opened the trash bin and saw a magazine.  He looked and continued to look.  Through his eye gate, he was not aware that sexual demons entered into him.  From that day, EC started masturbating and watching pornography.  In his teens, he even attended with a group of church friends an orgy.  Even now at the age of 30+, he had NEVER had sexual intercourse with a woman (or man).  Human knowledge tells us that EC is STILL a virgin.  But in the eyes of God, he is NOT.  For years EC has been having spiritual intercourse with succubus—a demon spirit that has convinced itself that it is a female; and succubus has prevented him from marrying. Based on EC’s story, do you now see the subtlety of Satan?  The problems this young man is and has been dealing with all his life stems or is rooted from the incident that happened to him when he was six years old—people continued to say that he is called to ministry LIKE his father.  Through their words, the spirit of fear entered EC; and it opened the door for other demons to follow.  Our LORD Jesus did indeed set EC free from these strongholds.  At the same time, He instructed him to sin no more.  Christ Jesus is STILL FAITHFUL AND TRUE.  He is the SAME yesterday, today and forever.  He changes not.  He said it then and He continues to say, “Go and sin no more.”  Selah †

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Deliverance from Demon Spirit of Fear

I received a call today from a 22 year old girl who was tormented from hearing voices. It caused her to have panic attacks and a fear of being around people. As I listened to her, the Holy Spirit instructed me to ask her about the type of movies she watched. I then asked her, “Do you like watching scary movies?” She then said, “Not now.” So I asked her, “When did you stop liking scary movies?” And she said, “When I was a child.” I then asked her, “What were your age and the movie that you watched.” She said, “I was eight years old and I watched Michael Jackson’s video clip of Thriller.” I then made her aware that was when the demon spirit of fear entered her; and now by the age of 22, that demon had graduated. The LORD God then instructed me to share with her the importance that she turn her television off for a season to read and meditate on His Word so that His Word can wash and rinse her mind from any evil contaminations that she had accumulated since she was eight. The LORD, through me, then commanded EVERY spirit that did not look or sound like Him to COME OUT. She was TOTALLY set free in Jesus’ name. Afterward, she then said, “I was supposed to meet with a psychologist on Monday to be evaluated, but I’m not going now because I KNOW I am free. I felt something leave me. I’m FREE. Selah †

Friday, November 9, 2012

Destroy the Things Meant for Destruction

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Shalom †

I won't be with you any more unless you destroy the things meant for destruction that you have with you, says the LORD God. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Tune in and hear what the Holy Spirit continues to say to His Church in Jesus' name.