Friday, September 13, 2013

Deliverance Instructions for Children

These deliverance instructions are for parents who are serving the LORD God with underage children. Deliverance is a slice of the children's bread. Many children are demonized due to parents’ carelessness and rejection of the LORD God. Jesus Christ is our stronghold and Satan only fears Him. Christ Jesus has delegated His authority and power to us through and by the Holy Spirit. Parents are their children’s covering and Jesus Christ is the parents’ covering. Therefore, both parents and children are under the umbrella of God. This is the reason Satan works overtime in convincing children to reject their umbrella (their parents) because by doing so, it will remove the umbrella of God over them. Whenever this happens, parents have the authority and power from God to COMMAND every spirit not of the Holy Spirit to come OUT of their child’s mind, will, emotions and body. Tune in and be blessed in Jesus’ name.

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