Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Go And Sin No More!

During my teen years, I attended a small bible study group every week. I was just beginning to enjoy meeting with the group without my mother forcing me to go. The Enemy was not happy in that I was beginning to pay special attention to the teaching. I would even study my bible at home. I learned a lot in God's Word. So to confuse things, the Enemy accused me of fornication and the pastor started to teach about fornication. As he taught, he noticed that I was excited about the teaching and witnessed to every word. This confused him and then he thought, she must not be guilty. So he then proceeded to say these words, directing his aim at me, "If you have not committed fornication but thought about it, you just as well go ahead and do it because you're guilty." I knew I was not even thinking about committing fornication, but his words confused me. As I meditated on what he said, suddenly a voice said to me, "No. I said, go and sin no more!" I knew exactly what the voice meant. I had recently read that when the religious leaders brought a woman to Christ Jesus that had committed adultery, He forgave her of adultery and then told her to sin no more. I understood that if a person has sinned in their heart by lusting after another person, then they should repent of that sin and sin no more, which means, do not proceed with the next step--the physical act. Selah.

Friday, January 7, 2011

When We Reject the Vessel That God Uses, We Are Rejecting HIM

This couple had a local Christian television program and asked me to minister TCM every 5th Sunday. So I agreed. Whenever I wasn't ministering, my husband and I would answer the call-in lines for them. The husband was scheduled to minister. As he was preparing, I glanced at him and SUDDENLY, I saw something. I immediately knew what it was and I was shocked. It was a demonic spirit of pride. I then said to myself, "I did not know he was like that." I didn't share my experience with my husband or the man's wife. The next day as I meditated on this, the LORD spoke to me and told me some things about the husband and especially how he treated his wife at home. He treated her one way in the presence of people, but differently at home. He did not respect her when they were at home. The LORD also said that the demonic spirit of pride was aware that I knew about it and that the husband told his wife not to talk to me again and do not associate with me because I was a witch and of the devil. Again, I did not share this information with no one. Later on that day, the wife called me. She was crying and very upset. Before she said anything to me, I told her everything the LORD had told me. She admitted all of it as being true. I then told her to obey her husband in not associating with me. I told her that even though we may not see each other, in our hearts, we are still friends. The next week, the husband came to our house (unaware of me knowing what he had told his wife) asked to borrow my husband's ladder. I said, yes. As he was talking to me, one word started coming up from my spirit. I looked at him and said, "I hear the LORD saying, "RESPECT". I then proceeded to tell him that he must respect his wife. I knew he was rejecting what I was saying only because I was a female. So I said to him, "There is no gender in the spirit." He replied, yes, it is; and then he walked away.

The Point:

It is very sad when the Word of God is being rejected due to the fact that the vessel in the physical realm in which the LORD uses is female. Selah.

The Enemy Might Be Lurking-Exist Unsuspectedly in Your Soul

I was looking for a particular book in our bookcase when I came across "The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee". We first purchased this book back in 1995; a little while after I was saved. When I started to read it, I would experience severe headaches. Plus as I looked over the wording, I could not understand one single sentence. I quietly laid the book aside and did not try to read it again. Several years later, I came across the book again. I opened it. And WHAM!!!! I could read and understand everything Mr. Nee had written about the spiritual man. I then thought about the reason why I could not read or understand the book several years earlier. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me and showed me how I had matured in the things of God since then. Also since that time, the LORD God delivered me from a demonic stronghold that was lurking in my mind and body. This stronghold did not want me to mature in God and it prevented me from reading the contents of this book by giving me headaches.

The Point:

If you have problems reading the bible and spiritual books that focus on Christ Jesus or even watching spiritual movies that focus on Christ Jesus, then, you too, need to submit your life to God and get delivered from this demonic stronghold that might be lurking or exist unsuspectedly in your soul. Christ Jesus is waiting to save and set you free. Selah.

The Warning:

God is so Good, I just saw this warning written in Watchman Nee's book, "The Spiritual Man". This is exactly what I had experienced many many years ago. You do not have to wait so long as I did to understand the truths written in this book.


Readers: You should ASK God to keep Satan from preventing you reading it. Pray as you read; turn what you read into prayer. Pray that God will cover you with the helmet of salvation lest you forget what you read or simply fill your mind with innumerable theories. If God has graciously liberated you from the flesh and the power of darkness, you, in turn, ought to bring these truths to others. So after you have digested the book thoroughly and the truths have become your own, will you gather a few saints together and teach them the truths. If it is too much to use the entire book, then one or two parts would be profitable. The hope is that the truths herein will not be left unnoticed. Even lending the book to others to read would be a profitable thing.


Whatever we do for the LORD, He always look at the intent of the heart. We can give to the poor or minister His Word from a pulpit. Again He's still observing the intent of our heart. Whenever we do the work of the LORD, we need to ask ...ourselves. What are my true intentions? Is God pleased with my intentions? Are my intentions pure and holy?

My husband and I once met a native African pastor who spent most of his time helping the poor in his communities. We believed that his intentions were pure at heart so we began to help him. Later in our relationship, he became offended at the way we did things and ended the relationship. We also found out the true intention of his heart in helping the poor in his communities. Whenever he travelled to America, he would tell sad stories and share sad photos regarding the poor in his country in order to gain financial assistance. To ease his conscious, he would spend a tiny amount of money to help the poor in his communities, but the bulk of the money was used to educate his children and help his own family. Christ Jesus knew that the intentions of his heart was selfishness and greed. The sad part to this story is he did not live to see his children grown. He later died of cancer.

When we do the work of the LORD, we need to search our hearts and make sure our intentions are pure and holy in the sight of God, not mankind; for we will truly reap what we have sown. Selah.

Note: This post is not intended to discourage a person from doing good, only to think about the intent of our heart when doing good. The good works may look good in the sight of mankind, but if the intent and purpose of the heart is wrong, then God is not pleased.