Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bad Company Ruins Good Character

1 Corinthians 15:33 (CJB), "Don't be fooled. Bad company ruins good character." Tune in and listen to the Holy Spirit talk to you! Shalom.

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Are There Children In Hell?

I ministered deliverance to an American woman whose mother and grandmother are witchcraft priestesses. Her husband also joined the craft and had sex with her grandmother. Then her grandmother took her four year old son and molested him and her husband taught him the craft. Her son is now 13 years old. He summon demons and the demons teach him how to curse his mother. He molested his four year old sister. After I ministered deliverance to the mother, she brought her children and they were ministered deliverance. I asked the little boy what age was he when he began to talk to demons. The boy understood because he is of age according to the LORD God. The boy said six. I shared with him the story of Earthquake Kelley who at the age of four began to summon demons for power and he died at the age of 13 and went to hell. Because of the prayers of his mother, the LORD God snatched him out of hell and sent him to the man of God to be helped. I asked the little boy IF he wanted to go to hell because that is the TRUE plan of those demons. It is to kill him and bring him to hell to be tormented forever when he died. The little boy said no. He then repented and those spirits were thrown out of him. PRAISE God, dear hearts, for his Godly mother who was not scared to fight against the demons who would manifest in her home due to her son rebellion. By her faith in God, she fought for her family and now her family is TOTALLY free in Jesus mighty name. Selah.

Be sure to watch Earthquake Kelley testimony on Sid Roth Its Supernatural.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Dear hearts, IF we’re even slightly ashamed of letting others know the specifics of how God delivered us from demons within that is enough ground (or space) for devils not to leave. And IF they leave, they will surely come back due to this open door. We MUST always at least be willing to give God glory in EVERY area of our life. When we’re desperate for God to set us TOTALLY free from demons living in our mind, will, emotions and body, then we’ll be willing in any way the Holy Spirit leads us in sharing with others the Goodness of God in our life in order to help others. I have ministered to MANY and when I hear them say, “Am I being recorded”, I then know that their deliverance will not last due to being unwilling to give God the glory about their situation. The Word of God tells us to have nothing to do with the deeds produced by darkness, but instead expose them. In other to expose the works (or fruits of darkness), we must confess it. Satan and his devils does not like to be exposed and we as God’s children should ALWAYS be willing to expose the works of darkness. IF we’re not even willing to expose the works of darkness, then that TRULY means we’re on their side. The first step to deliverance and healing is the willingness to confess our wrongdoings to God (and others). For we overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb AND THE WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY. Selah †

Monday, October 5, 2015

A TRUE woman of God . . .

. . . does not display her body for others to see and that also includes her cleavage.  Selah †

Power Against false holy spirit

You may be wondering what is a false holy spirit?  Tune in to hear what the Holy Spirit is continuing to say to His Church.  Shalom †

Who's Watching You?

Who’s in your eyes — demon spirits or Holy Ghost FIRE?  Whatever you’re FULL of, Light or darkness, will also be in your eyes.  For the eyes are the window to the soul (a person’s mind, will, emotions and body). 
Therefore, who's TRULY watching you? Selah †

Is Seeing Demons a Gift from God?

To each person is given the particular manifestation of the Spirit that will be for the common good.  To another, the ability to judge between spirits (or distinguishing between spirits).  Tune in and hear the Holy Spirit talk to you!

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sexual Demons are Water Spirits

This morning I ministered deliverance and healing to a young Vietnamese man in Ho Chi Minh.  As I was speaking FIRE Prayers, suddenly I heard him speaking in his native language.  After the prayers, I asked him who was it that walked into the room?  He said, “My sister.”  I asked, “What did she say?”  He said, “She brought me a cup of water to drink.”  I then said, “Don’t think it’s coincidental that she came into the room and brought water.  The water was not for you.  It was for that demon because of Holy Ghost FIRE.  Did you drink it?”  He said, “No.”  I then said, “Good.”  God delivered and cleaned the young man of MANY sexual (or water) spirits.  PRAISE HIM!!! Selah †

Halloween [America Day of the Dead]

Parents, the national day of the devil is soon approaching.  Demons are very happy at this time of year because portals or doors are opened for them to come upon this earth and physically walk among us.  REMEMBER, the LORD God said their aim is ONLY to steal, kill and destroy.  Parents, you are the (physical and spiritual) covering of your children and whatever you allow on earth will also be allowed in the spirit realm.  IF you willingly participate in the devil’s day, Halloween, you’re not just endangering yourself, but also your children.  Halloween may come and go, but the demons attached to this day don’t leave.  It’s ONLY by the Blood of Jesus Christ through obedience in His Word that destroys their plans, purposes and ideas.  God has given parents a choice.  They can choose to obey or not to obey Him.  In either case, there are consequences — one good and the other bad.  When parents choose to allow cursed objects and things in their home, everything and everybody in that home is tainted with evil and evil is stench in the LORD’s nostrils. Whenever something stinks, one will turn their head from it.  We, as children of God, cannot serve God every year with one day of exception.  Halloween is America’s day of the dead and devils comes out to kill, steal and destroy.  Therefore instead, teach your children the commandments or laws of God.  Teach them to fear God.  Then their days will be long and prosperous and there will be NO TORMENT.  Selah †

Friday, October 2, 2015

Spirit Python Is Defeated

There are MANY Christians who are carrying in their belly spirit python or spirit snake.  At times, they will feel movements in their stomach or something crawling in and/or on their body.  Spirit python doesn’t work alone.  With it is spirit spouse, witchcraft and Jezebel or Leviathan.  Spirit spouse entered the person during molestation in their childhood.  Later in life, spirit spouse opened the door for the other spirits.  Since coming to the LORD God, the person NEVER gone through a deliverance in which God’s anointed and appointed servant commanded these spirits out of their mind, will, emotions and body.  Therefore, the person could not worship the LORD our God in spirit and truth. Christ Jesus is the ONLY One who defeated such spirits and He has given His servants authority over them.  Ask Jesus Christ to send you to your human helper.  Selah †