Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dear Hearts, Deliverance Is No Laughing Matter!

Faith in God COMES as we hear or listen to the teachings of God's Word. Join Evangelist King as she teaches the Word of the Living God.

Holy Ghost FIRE Talk on Mondays/Fridays at 12 noon (EST). To join the Host, call Guest Call-In # 319-527-6194 or via the web. Come and listen to the Holy Spirit talk to you!

Shalom †

Demons don’t want to give up their house (your mind, will, emotions and body). When the LORD God leads you to your human helper and you watch and listen to God’s message through them and laugh, it is those demons who are laughing at God. You’re not laughing at or rejecting the servant of God, but God Himself. The LORD God ALWAYS give us opportunities to get right in His eyesight and it’s up to us to receive His help through whomever He chooses. I knew the LORD God was talking and leading a young woman to His ministry for deliverance; but instead, she laughed. She even said when she laughed at me, I would laugh back at her through the screen. Now, this is clearly a sign that she has demonic oppression. I knew it was a matter of time she would contact us for deliverance. PRAISE GOD! She did. Join your faith with my faith for her TOTAL FREEDOM in her mind, will, emotions and body to serve her Heavenly Father in spirit and truth. Shalom and Selah †