Friday, December 20, 2019

Harare, Zimbabwe - Distribution 12-20-19

Patience, our Mite Partner, said, 'We managed to gather the blind and the disabled and distributed mealie meal which is the staple food here, cooking oil and chunks which is a meat substitute and also some bread. These are people who beg in the streets, so we went out in the streets to inform them of time date and place of distribution and they all came. The turn-out was more than we expected because they also called their disabled friends as well, but we managed to share the things we had bought with everyone. I also made some t-shirts for the organization and only gave a few friends who helped with the distribution and I gladly funded for the t-shirts out of my own pocket, so this wasn't part of the funds from the organization. We didn't have a proper camera for the pictures, so we just used a phone. I hope the pictures are okay. The people were very happy and very grateful, and we took time to listen and note down the challenges they are facing. They were very grateful and asked me to thank you and your organization on their behalf. Thank you so much.'

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Friday, December 6, 2019

Regard It "ALL" As Joy [Part 2]

Faith in God COMES as we hear or listen to the teachings of God's Word. Join Evangelist King as she teaches the Word of the Living God.

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Shalom †

Regard it all as joy when you face various kinds of temptations; for you know that your trust produces perseverance (patience). But let perseverance do its complete work; so that you may be complete and whole, lacking in nothing. Listen to more.