Saturday, August 25, 2012

Deliverance from Reptilian Shape-Shifter


A lady accompanied her friend in visiting her Pen Pal in prison.  While sitting with her friend and her friend’s Pen Pal, she saw a young man that caught her attention.  They started talking and his mannerism was so gentle and kind.  After his release, they started dating.  After some time, she asked the LORD God rather the young man was the one He has chosen for her.  Later that night, she had a dream.  She dreamed the young man appeared to her and as she looked on him, his head, hands, feet and finally his whole body turned into a lizard.  She suddenly woke up.  She thought about the dream for a little while, and then she realized how much she loved the young man; so she dismissed the dream and married him.  Shortly after their marriage, all HELL broke loose in her marriage.  There would be times when she would look at him, his eyes would transform into a reptile.  She would then tell him that he needed to control his eyes because she did not like the way he looked at her.  After several months of marriage, her husband was arrested and sent to prison. This happened several times in their marriage.  Currently, he is still in prison.  She noticed that each time she visited him; he would say to her that he could smell her whenever she was at home.  She thought that was strange and was beginning to feel very uncomfortable visiting him; so she stopped.  During the night, she noticed that a man would visit her and would perform oral sex.  She immediately knew that it was her husband who is still in prison.  She was scared and felt very dirty and sickly.  She shared her experience with a friend.  The friend then told her about our programs and she referred her to us.

As I listened to her, the Holy Spirit told me what was going on in her life.  She then admitted to visiting a psychic for consultation.  During this visitation, the psychic told her that she would meet a man and she told her exactly how the man would look.  Several days later, she met the man in prison.  I then explained to her that when she sought counsel from the kingdom of darkness, this opened a doorway for Satan to plan her destiny in him; and his intention was to espouse her to a spirit husband.  The contract was legalized when she physically married the man whom Satan sent to her.  She then confessed that the LORD God had told her three years ago to annul that marriage covenant; but the man would always sound so sad and would call people to convince her not to leave him and the people would always bring up God’s word where he say not to divorce.  I reminded her that it WAS NOT the LORD God who sent that man to her; but it was Satan.  I reminded her of the question she asked the LORD about the man and the LORD showed her in the dream that He did not send him.  ALSO the Word say, “…What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”  So I reminded her that God DID NOT join her with that man, Satan did!  Therefore, the LORD God wants her to annul that union; and in the spirit, He will annul the union with the spirit husband. She agreed and the LORD God disconnected her from spirit spouse, spirit child and EVERY spirit that was not of Him in Jesus’ name.  (… and by the way, I left out a lot of details.) Dear Hearts, KEEP your affection on the LORD God and your heart will remain in PERFECT peace.  Wait on the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart; and when He does, it will NOT have any sorrow with it.  Selah †

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  1. To the Anonymous Person who sent their comment on this post. Apparently, you do not KNOW Truth, Who is Christ Jesus. What matters is that the lady was set TOTALLY free from her involvement with the reptilian demon spirit through the man. And the messenger you are referring to is a messenger from Satan and Jesus Christ forbids his children to take counsel from Satan's agents. It looks like you, too, need deliverance in Jesus' name. IF you care to be bold in making yourself known, then give me a call at 1-919-809-6789 and we can personally talk about it. Otherwise, Shalom †