Monday, November 30, 2015

Microwave Worship & Praise

You know, a microwave has its place, but some foods just taste BEST when it’s cooked in an oven.  LIKEWISE, praise and worship.  Using tracks has its place, but having a LIVE human person offering the sacrifice of praise to the LORD God is BEST.  Selah †

Sunday, November 29, 2015


In order to KNOW who’s TRULY in us (the Holy Spirit or demon spirits), we MUST go through the FIRE or put to the test.  When we’re squeezed, we will then see and know who is in us.  Dear Hearts, Yahweh will TRULY bring on the test. Selah †

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Flame of FIRE

The Word of God says, "His ministers a flame of fire." Just as the presence of evil spirits can be in and on a person, place or thing; don’t forget, the LORD God is the ONLY Originator and His Presence can be in and on a person even when the person has been photographed. A few days ago, I received a message from a young woman who had been delivered from MANY evil spirits due to an unhealthy relationship with a man who claimed to be a minister of God, when in TRUTH, he was a witch doctor. She was experiencing severe pain in her body as though she had been in a fight and she couldn’t sleep. As I read her message, I felt the emergency and I called. Dear hearts, devils know who belongs to God. Today, she sent another message. Read below:

Just wanted to let you know that I slept soooooooooo good that night. Since that day that you prayed and your pic went on my wall. I have no more problems like what I shared with you. God's power is amazing! It is amazing how evil spirits respect a PICTURE! Blessings to you and your family. I missed prayer this morning but will be online next week.

Prayer of Protection (Psalm 71)

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Shalom †

Jesus, Don’t Leave Earth Without Him!

We may have been blessed to travel the world—to visit country after country.  Dear hearts, it’s a sad case when one have traveled from one end of the earth to another; but yet, missed Heaven.  In conclusion, IF you never get a chance to travel the world, don’t miss the one needful place to go and that’s Heaven!  Selah †

Monday, November 23, 2015


Before my maturity in God, I would get excited whenever I hear a prophet speak to a person about anything in their life. By doing that, I just knew they was a man (or woman) of God. Since my maturity in God, I have come to see differently. Even Satan know some things about a person’s life. It no longer excite me whenever I hear a prophet speak about certain things in a person’s life because I know Satan also knows certain things. When the Holy Spirit speaks about the things in a person’ life, the difference is transformation. The person will change from the inside out. The Holy Spirit is not just giving the person information, He’s also changing them. His aim is to testify of Jesus Christ so the person may be changed. He doesn’t give out information just to glorify Himself. For He glorifies Jesus Christ. LIKEWISE, a TRUE prophet of God. Selah †

Sunday, November 22, 2015

“Return to Sender” Prayer

When we pray such prayers, who are we targeting in our heart?  Is it the human being?  Is it the spirit being?  The Word of God tells us our battle is not against flesh and blood, which are human beings.  Our battle is against spirit beings, which are Satan and his demon spirits.  Therefore, when we pray “return to sender”, we should KNOW who TRULY the sender is.  All curses and witchcraft comes from the Evil One and his demons.   The human being is not the sender in such cases.  So the target of such prayer request should be directed at Satan and his demons and not the human being(s).  The LORD God doesn’t hear such prayer request when we target the human being(s) because He told us our battles does not come from them.  The BEST type of prayer is ALWAYS prayer that is biblically based.  Selah †

What’s TRULY a Person’s Agenda?

There was a man (of God) who said to me, “The LORD told me to attend your meeting.” I told him he’s welcome, but knowing the intent of his heart, I said, “You can come; but keep in mind, not many people attends. I will leave that decision to you whether or not you come.”  In a later conversation with my husband, he asked my husband for the number of people usually attending the meeting, my husband told him.  We never heard from him about coming again.  When you think about a situation like this, you wonder, what is TRULY a person’s motive for wanting to connect to and with another ministry?  Could it be to make their own ministry known?  Keep in mind that he said, the LORD told him to come.  The LORD already knew how many people attends our meetings.  So if the LORD told him to come, then it did not matter how many people attends.  PRAISE GOD for the discerning (or seeing) the intent of one’s heart.  Selah †

Friday, November 20, 2015

Women and Men (of God), Be WARNED!!!

It’s BEST to take those false eyelashes off and animal style contact lenses out! Its purpose is to make your eyes look alluring and attractive and demons will attach themselves to it. Therefore, giving you power in your eyes to draw men and women into lust and that same animal spirit will be in you. BE WARNED!!! Selah †

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Dear hearts, curiosity killed the cat.  Don’t out of curiosity attend a TRUE deliverance ministry.  REMEMBER, the demons thrown out are looking for another host (or home) and it just may be you! Selah †

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

You Talkin' To Me?

How many times have we read Bible stories and they sounded like our story?  IF we have lived back then, we would adamantly ask, “You’re talkin’ to me?”  The LORD God shared those stories with us for a reason and the reason is that Satan’s tricks and schemes NEVER change.  The person may change, but not Satan’s ways.  The Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword.  It pierces, divides and discerns one’s thoughts.  This is why when TRUTH is spoken or written, a person may say, “You’re talking about me.”  Yes, the Word of God is ALWAYS talking about and to us. We need to be cleaned from the inside and then out.  God loves us and refuses to leave us as is.  He wants us just like Jesus Christ beginning on the inside.  Therefore; dear heart, the Word of God is talking to us!  Selah †

What a Wedding Night!!!

Ed and Kathy (not their real names) have been dating for a long time. They decided to attend a Christian Concert. They both decided to give their lives to the LORD God and were delivered from the demons living in their mind, will, emotions and body. They were so happy and decided to get married. On their wedding night, Ed noticed something about his new wife. She began to speak words of unbelief and doubt about her deliverance. Then suddenly, his wife began to act as a drunk person would act. She even smelled like alcohol. Her eyes looked as though she was drunk. He asked her if she had been drinking. She replied, no! Then a voice spoke through her. Ed realized they were demons. He commanded the demons to come out of her, but they refused and told him he was weak and powerless because they are MANY. Ed then realized he needed help. He found out about our programs and submitted a deliverance request for help. Stay tuned for the rest of the story in Jesus’ mighty name. Selah †

Monday, November 16, 2015

Spiritual Nugget

Due to the Goodness of God in opening my spiritual eyes, ears and mind, I see how the Enemy works.  Dear hearts, Satan and his demons do not want a person freed from them in their mind, will, emotions and body. When the Good LORD God reveals to a person the strongman in their life and then send them to their human helper, Satan and his demons will do whatever it takes to convince the person not to communicate or fellowship with such person.  I mean it’s evident that demons are co-existing with a person and yet they are slack in getting delivered.  Not only is this the work of spirit spouse, but also Jezebel or Leviathan.  These two demons are the ones who are in charge and will TRULY convince the person not to receive help from anybody because they don’t need help.  I’m learning, as the Holy Spirit teaches me, to be patient because those demons will torment the person so bad that they will eventually come for help.  Selah †

Sunday, November 15, 2015

What About You?

I want to share with you a few requests from God’s children seeking deliverance from demons living in their mind, will, emotions and body. IF the people of God is bound, how can they help sinners in getting unbound? Now is the time for God’s children to rise up and come against principalities and powers in the kingdom of darkness and take back what belongs to God — souls. Christ Jesus is ALWAYS willing when we come to Him with ALL our heart to set us TOTALLY free in our mind, will, emotions and body, but we MUST come to Him and be willing to confess our wrongdoings one to another (in Christ Jesus). I’m thankful to God that these people were willing to confess what’s going on in their lives and be free from it. What about you? Selah †

  1. I've not only had sexual encounters and experiences with this spirit through dreams but I've experienced it crawling into bed with me and snuggling up behind me holding me like a significant other and a few minutes later it was lying next to me in my bed in the form of a body and it was hard. I was trying to punch it. Please help me get delivered from this.—United States 
  2. I dream of having sex with both men and women sometimes I see myself with a male organ.—South Africa 
  3. And the last time I dreamt I saw my best friend in a boat with me and she asked me to clean her private part.—Australia 
  4. I have been having sexual dreams at night. I can't keep a job. I pray the prays and even fasted and still have problems.—United States 
  5. Deliverance from spiritual husband. Waking up masturbating. Molested at age 4 or 5 by cousin.—Africa 
  6. There are entities present in the home.—United States 
  7. Have been struggling with sexual lust since I was about 10 yrs old (now 27 yrs).—United States 
  8. Did prayer not good had dedications to Lucifer done over me.—United States 
  9. My husband may have a spirit wife, we have not slepted in the same room for almost two years.—United States 
  10. I have a succubus demon and I need your help this demon is trying to destroy my spirit walk my job and my family, even though I'm not married to my son mother I repented I've sleep with lady of the night.—United States 
  11. I am experiencing night time physical attacks (vulgar in nature).—United States 
  12. Need deliverance from demons in my head and chest region.—Nigeria 
  13. I’m suffering from spiritual sex marriage in my dreams and when I pray I feel something heavy in my head.—Spain 
  14. I need deliverance from spirit things (spirit man) that have been bothering me for more than 10 years.—Sweden 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Demons, Text Messages!

In today’s world of technology, we TRULY need the Holy Spirit in manifesting Himself in the Gift of Discerning of Spirits. Several years ago I ministered deliverance to a young boy whose parents were Satanists.  They bought him anything he wanted and he loved video games.  He loved video games so much that he created a channel on YouTube just to post games.  The videos were always demonic.  Every video game he posted, the demon associated with that game was also in him.  He confessed to immorality and bestiality. He thought he was a Christian because his parents were Christians even though they were in the occult.  A few days after his deliverance session, I received an email message.  As I was reading it, the Holy Spirit informed me that was not the young man who wrote and sent the email.  It was a high-ranking demon in the kingdom of darkness.  This demon boast about using the young boy in the Battle of Armageddon.  Just reading it, I could feel the spirit of fear radiating off the words. Then it boast about fooling me because it was not going to let the boy go because they have great plans for him in that battle.  As I continued to read it, I knew the young boy refused to do as the Holy Spirit said to him.  The Holy Spirit told him to take down the YouTube Channel and destroy those videos. By not doing so, those demons returned and more. The young boy, several days later, sent me message apologizing because that message was not sent from him.  Dear hearts, be careful!  Demons, text messages!  Selah †

Friday, November 13, 2015


Be careful. Devils are tricky. When you minister deliverance to a woman who is wearing false hair, do not lay your hand upon her head because the false hair is a hindrance to her deliverance. Instead, touch her forehead. The demons will then react because of the anointing of God touching the woman. I ministered deliverance to a young woman wearing false hair. When I went to lay my hand upon her head, the LORD stopped me. I then looked at her and said, This hair MUST go! When I said that, the demon (and the woman) reacted and began very angry with me. When I mentioned the false hair, I saw when the demon smirked. It was exposed and did not like it. This experience raised a concern. How many women wearing false hair have been prayed for deliverance and did not receive because the demon spirit attached to false hair is hiding deep in them? Selah.

Patience in Suffering (for Christ's Sake)

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Shalom †

Sunday, November 1, 2015

You are Running from Nothing

Satan will have us running from nothing.  I am reminded of a movie where a young boy was being monitored by his father as he traveled. Whenever harm would come to him, his father would alert him.  One day when travelling, wild animals were approaching him.  When they found him, he threw stones at them and then they chased him. He ran; and at a certain point, the wild animals stopped chasing him, but the young boy kept on running and running.  Then his father shouted with a loud voice, you are running from nothing, but the boy continued to run until he was exhausted.  Dear Hearts, this reminded me of some of God''s children.  Sometimes we will fight and run from Satan (and his demons) and they are not chasing us, but we will keep on fighting and running until we are exhausted and faint and give up.  Satan is a master at allusions.  He will make us see and hear something that is not there or not real.  He will make us believe that others are out to get us when it is only in our own mind.  Dear Hearts; LIKEWISE, our Heavenly Father is saying to us, Stop!  You are running from nothing!  Therefore, let us KEEP our eyes and mind on things above (Heavenly things), then our heart will remain in perfect peace. Shalom and Selah.