Friday, April 3, 2020

I have seen a VALUABLE lesson today!

Several weeks ago, one of the Mite Partners of the MWIN program relayed to me what God had put in their heart—to help the street kids who were greatly affected by the coronavirus. Upon hearing it, I gladly received it and told him to let me know when he begins, and I will send some funds to help. Weeks went by and I had not heard from him. Then today, he asked me what I was going to do. I reminded him that it was the LORD who gave him the idea and not me. So, I asked him what was he going to do? All the while, he was waiting on me to do something and I was waiting on him to do something. Dear hearts, that’s exactly how we do God. God gives us an idea and instead of us taking the initiative to begin, we wait on Him to begin for us. He’s not going to do that. We MUST take the first step and then He will step in to do His part. When this young man took the initiative to do his part, then I could do my part. Again, this is a VALUABLE lesson for us all. Funds were sent today to help the street kids in Ethiopia in providing temporary shelter during this pandemic. IF you like to contribute, kindly send your donation to or cash app $thechildrensmite. Visit the website at Thanks for caring! Shalom †

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