Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Church Folks

We all have a testimony on how we have been hurt by “church folks”, but we need to forgive and forget about our pains.  When we truly have not forgiven church folks, we will allow the Evil One to have access into our lives in the form of a “religious spirit”.  This is so dangerous because when a person has a religious spirit; it is VERY difficult for them to receive TRUTH.  Due to the fact that they will perceive EVERYONE to be wrong and they are right.  They will refuse to allow TRUTH to enter through.  Just as a wounded animal, it will be VERY DIFFICULT to help that person.  They will think that their helper is also going to harm them.  Therefore, as the wounded animal places a guard around them by refusing to be helped, LIKEWISE the individual who has been hurt by church folks.  Receive Christ Jesus TODAY into your heart and you will be able to forgive church folks and avoid a religious spirit.  Selah †

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