Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Conclusion of “The Children’s Mite” (Excerpt from TCM’s Manual, 1995)

The Children’s Mite is a measure of seed from the Lord.  This seed was planted in the ground or heart of Mrs. Terry B. King in November of 1994.  God gives His children seed to water and nourish so that others may benefit from their harvest.  We must be faithful and thankful in handling the precious seed that God gives us.  God does not give each person the same measure of seed.  It does not matter about the quantity of the seed.  God does not look at the quantity, but the willingness, thankfulness, and faithfulness of heart to that which He gives; in other words, the quality.

The Children’s Mite is considered to be one talent or ability from the Lord (Matthew 25:15).   God will not give us more when we’re not thankful and faithful with what He has already given us.  He looks deep down in the soil or heart to see if we’ve done everything in our own power to profit the one talent.  If so, He will exalt us.  He will add more talents.  In other words, He will open other doors of success.  As the word of God says to him who is abased, God will exalt (Matthew 23:12).

When a seed is first planted in the ground, there is no evidence of growth.  But yet, by believing, you’re expecting the seed to produce a harvest.  The planted seed will not grow properly unless it is watered and the weeds removed on a daily basis.  This procedure enables the seed to take deep root in the ground; therefore, enabling its growth.  Likewise, willingness, thankfulness and faithfulness enable the seed of the word of God to take deep root in our heart, which results in humility.

But he who had received one went and dug in the ground, and hid his lord’s money (Matthew 25:18).   Let’s place emphasis on the word “hid” which means to cover, conceal, and keep secret.  This unfaithful servant received the word of God in his heart.  But he refused to allow the Holy Spirit to help him grow in that which God has given him to do.  He chose to hide, keep secret, conceal, and cover up within his heart the word of God.  He chose to keep the word of the Lord to himself by not telling anybody.  In conclusion, he quenched the Holy Spirit.

Remember, God’s word is whatever He has told us to do.  If God has told you to buy someone a pair of shoes, then that is God’s word.  If God has told you to tell someone, “I love you,” then that is God’s word.  The Holy Bible is God’s words to us.  The Holy Bible is the seed of life through Christ Jesus by faith.  We must love the seed or word of God.  We must be obedient and do what He has told us.

We must not be like the unfaithful and unprofitable servant and hide or keep secret the word of God so that others cannot be blessed from the harvest.  By choosing to uncover, reveal and expose The Children’s Mite, a measure of seed from the Lord, many people have reaped from its harvest.  They have received love, peace, joy and faith in God.  One talent or measure of seed from God received with willingness, thankfulness and faithfulness through the Holy Spirit can produce a large harvest for our Lord Christ Jesus.

After a long time the Lord of those servants came and settled accounts with them (Matthew 25:19).   From this verse we see that Jesus is returning!  Hallelujah!  He watches over His word.  We will stand before Him and give an account of the measure of seed that was given to us–to see what we did with it.  What a joyous time it will be when we hear our Lord and Savior say, “Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.  Enter into the joy of your Lord.”

Amen (So Be It)

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