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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

UPDATE - Namibia School Project

I’m so excited! I sent the funds off to Namibia yesterday for the purchasing of colored pencils and books for 35 students and school uniforms for 28 students. Faye, our MWIN Mite Partner, will be sending video clips and photos of EVERYTHING. We want you to know where your donations went as promised. The Children’s Mite is NOT a hoax nor is our ministry fraudulent. It’s the enemy, Satan and his demons, that suggest to you that it is. The teacher at John Aweseb Primary School said the children talked about TCM for days. They were excited about what the program gave them and wondered who we were. Dear hearts, we are concerned about helping those in need as our Heavenly Father was concerned [and is] about helping us in sending His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, on earth.

Be sure to visit the website and KEEP those donations coming! We CANNOT do it without you! Shalom †

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